a day in the life

This is absolutely adorable.

Setting The Barre

Presented by the New York City Ballet, this little clip compares the daily routine of a NYCB dancer to that of a young professional.  Though the two might not cross paths all that often, this video’s witty split screen reminds us how similar they can be.  I think my favorite part is the shot of the man’s fingers padding along his keyboard mirrored by the bourrées of the dancer en pointe.  Both are so gentle, but so skilled.  I think it’s a pretty cute project, bringing professionals of all kinds together to promote NYCB’s young patrons circle.  If only more young people could learn to appreciate dance- we need all the support we can get!

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Picture Day

One step closer to the stage, pictures. “It’s like a trial run for the performance,” said one mother struggling to put lipstick on her small child. In a way she is right.

With the first of the dress rehearsals over, the special charm of dancing in costume for the first time is over; however, there is still something precious about picture day. The other mothers get to see your costumes while fussing over their young children. Hair and make up is done perfectly. The cameras flashing. All elements of the actual recital day just minus the tension, nerves, and pressure.

For the three to seven year olds they get to see the soloists in their costumes for the first time. Reflecting back to when I was younger, that was my favorite part of picture day, seeing the older girls in their costumes and hoping that one day that would be me. Well, there I was in my Cinderella Ball gown. The little girls were awe struck. They shyly whispered to their moms: that’s Cinderella, she is playing Cinderella, Cinderella’s nice.

For me picture day is just one more rehearsal to cross off the list on the way to recital. Though I love documenting my costumes, today just feels like a chill rehearsal on smiling:)

The Last Push Before Recital


Just a few of the steps I have to attempt:)
In the few weeks left before the dance recital, well actually few days, the studio had been hectic. And, well, so have I.

As the lead in Cinderella, I have been spending a few hours on Saturday, since October, at the studio learning and rehearsing my solos and pas de deuxes (my spelling is not that great) in addition to my Tuesday and Thursday classes. Starting in April Saturdays were busy blocking scenes in the ballet in addition to my personal rehearsals. Then May hit. The studio has been in a tizzy, organizing special rehearsal schedules, finding costumes, distributing them, finding/making props, cutting music, and on and on. With May came the full ballet run throughs on Saturdays, but I still had to come in before hand to run my dances. I basically started living at the studio on Saturdays. Not that I minded. Then Friday evenings became scheduled with the after intermission dances: Tap and Jazz. For two and a half hours we ran the opening number, the teens Jazz, Hip Hop, and Modern Dances. Let’s just say that last hour and a half is killlllerrr!

Two weeks ago, we began our special rehearsal schedule. I am at the studio just about everyday of the week usually for about 4 hours a day. Monday 4, Tuesday 2, Wednesday I showed up at the studio to run my costumes in, Thursdays were the best because I was only there for one hour for Modern, a non tiring dance and then the Friday and Saturday madness. In addition to all these hours I had two more added one on Tuesday and one on Friday to run my pas de deuxes. Yeh!!!!

As this final week of rehearsals rush upon all of us, I can’t see a better way to have spent my weekends and nights than at the studio with a whole bunch of great people doing something we all love. I hope that these crazy rehearsals make us better on stage. As each week goes by, you can see the improvement of each person. Even though the dances may not be where Ms. Doris wants them, they are a lot better than when we first blocked them.

Well, off to wash the glitter from dress rehearsal off of me!