the Pas de deux

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Two dancers. Black stage. They slowly articulate, moving separately and alone.  Too far apart to be one.  The eye bounces back and forth between the two.  Soft moves and quick tempos.   Reluctantly, they begin to explore the stage, moving from their respective corners with lunging glisades, bourrees, temps lie and tombes.  Slowly with the luring trills and crescendos they make their way to each other, hesitantly.  A force continues to draw them back to their corners ever so often.

The music trills and their bodies find themselves face to face.  heavy Breathing.  chests Moving up and down.  A soft, flow of her hand presents herself.  He grabs the offer.  The bodies become one.  Hands slowly move across each other’s bodies.  Gentle to the eye, but to each other their is no grace.  Tight grasps and strong holds.  Balance depends on the false illusion of simplicity and hidden force.

Arms wrap around each other, bodies brush past each other.  Feet quickly dancing in time.  Legs bending, breaking the force, providing the energy.  Quick Quick Slow.  Harsh Harsh soft.

The Music softens as the two slow.  Their bodies no longer intertwining together.  He slowly lets his hand slide down her torso and off her skirt.  Her hand slowly floats off his shoulder.  Soft glances and she parts way.  Her simple steps, her light steps carry her away.  He stands there with his arm still out stretched from falling off her body.