We the Photographer

Photographers. We enter into people’s lives.  We ask for nothing in return. We stand silently in the background.  We add no noise, only the click of the shutter.  We play with the light and dark.  We let the shadows obscure.  We only want to tell their story, their plight, their lives. Something captures our eye and we only want to share it.

We see other people’s plights, and we exploit that.  There is not much we can offer in return to help.  We enter your world to try to understand it.  We pry into your soul, trying to capture your pain, grief, woes.  We want to show it.  We want the intimacy.

We put ourselves in danger physically, mentally, biologically.  The only thing we want in return from our viewers is understanding of our pictures.  We want people to see what we see, feel what we feel.  We want our subject’s story told.  We want a discussion to begin on the conditions we see.

We are not emotionless for taking pictures of other’s sorrows, of humanitarian crises, of disaster.  On the other hand we feel the utmost.


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