Recruiting for the Rowing Team P.4: Farewell Summer

Today was the last day of summer recruiting.  The Bookstore was jamming with orientation students and freshman buying books.  Excited freshman anticipating the start of school on Monday wandered around the store, a little lost I may add. It was hard not to pick up on the mood and goof off a bit.

Okayyyy, we spent the entire time goofing off.

photo 1

uh, I am really not too sure what this is… 

We even made friends with some other cool people (they were recruiting lifeguards) who shared our table. (Correction they stole our table.)  They were a great help, telling keen potential lightweight novice freshman that they actually needed three years of experience and had to be 6’3” to join rowing.

This also happened…….

Also, in good fashion the lights in Barnes and Nobles decided to randomly turn off.  To which the very hungry and unhappy Hannah who really wanted one of the cookies being offered commented, “The room lights up based on my attitude.”  Note: the lights came back on when I told her she could go get a cookie.

Our good friend, Melissa from Student Center Services, keep her typical orientation promise of cookies for everyone!   nom noms!!!!

photo 2

Cookie monsters strike again stealing cookies from freshman. 

We may or may not have watched non-rowing related videos on youtube instead of attracting people with our hype videos.

Oh, did I mention I was serenaded by a terribly off key ginger.

I honestly, don’t think we recruited anyone today.

*Disclaimer: No rowers were injured in the process of recruiting.*


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