Recruiting for the Rowing Team p.2: Behind the Scenes

photo 2-3

Back at it again!!! 1 Week before school starts up and practices begin… arrrrghhhhh!!!!!

Recruiting in-coming freshman once again in the heat. Who shall we hit up with our prepared speeches of glory?  Of course, we stereotype people. Rowers and coxs alike. But we also welcome anyone who lingers or stares too long at our table.  Dude we see you starring…You know you want to join GT rowing. 

photo 3-2

But what really happens behind the table.

photo 1-3

The wind blows by and the poster flies away because a certain person abandoned their one job of holding the poster in place.  YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!!

There is always that one kid who eats all the popsicle that are meant for those that sign up.

Someone always throws out the idea of hitting people with the oars to attract them to our table instead of the other sports teams next to us.  (and Yes, we bash the other club sports.)

A drunk party story is bound to come up.

A very hungry rower is bound to be snacking… let’s be honest it’s actually me.

Debating about whether we should approach a certain person.

Trying to hold the oars up and someone commenting that it looks like a stripper pole. (proceeded by awk giggles and comments) 

Deliberately planning to recruit the hot guys walking by and then fan girling over the fact that they actual signed up. ( #sorrynotsorry we want a hot novice men’s team.)

And, everyone is complaining about the heat.


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