Recruiting for the Rowing Team P.1: Conversations

Freshman Orientation.  Hi. Hello.  Can I interest you in the rowing team at Tech?  No experience necessary…..


Easy, Straightforward.  Think Twice.

Here are some fabulous quotes from the summer experience of recruiting new team members.


“What is rowing?”

“No thanks. I’m not a runner.” ( umm okay)

“I don’t have any upper body strength. Sorry”

“Do you row on water?” (no, this is a land sport.)

“I kayaked once. Does that count?”

“What is the time commitment?

          – About 3 or 4 practices a week(straight up lie)

“I’ll sign up! I’m just looking to make some friends.  I don’t really know anyone.”

“No experience!!! Awesome! Where do I sign up?”

“I’ll sign up for the free sunglasses.” 

“Can I get these medals if I join?”

“Why when I see rowing, is it always women? Is there a men’s team?”



“You can make lots of tall friends”

“Hey, you there in the green shirt!”

“-You look like ya’ll played sports in High School.

          -oh, uh. I didn’t play any sports.” ( this is suddenly awk)

” I don’t know what kind of friends you are looking for, but we are pretty cool.”

“We have lots of parties.” (let’s not say that in front of parents. We have social events.)

“It’s like Greek life but you stay in shape and travel across the country and (looks to the parents) it’s cheaper!”


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