We the Photographer

Photographers. We enter into people’s lives.  We ask for nothing in return. We stand silently in the background.  We add no noise, only the click of the shutter.  We play with the light and dark.  We let the shadows obscure.  We only want to tell their story, their plight, their lives. Something captures our eye and we only want to share it.

We see other people’s plights, and we exploit that.  There is not much we can offer in return to help.  We enter your world to try to understand it.  We pry into your soul, trying to capture your pain, grief, woes.  We want to show it.  We want the intimacy.

We put ourselves in danger physically, mentally, biologically.  The only thing we want in return from our viewers is understanding of our pictures.  We want people to see what we see, feel what we feel.  We want our subject’s story told.  We want a discussion to begin on the conditions we see.

We are not emotionless for taking pictures of other’s sorrows, of humanitarian crises, of disaster.  On the other hand we feel the utmost.


Recruiting for the Rowing Team P.4: Farewell Summer

Today was the last day of summer recruiting.  The Bookstore was jamming with orientation students and freshman buying books.  Excited freshman anticipating the start of school on Monday wandered around the store, a little lost I may add. It was hard not to pick up on the mood and goof off a bit.

Okayyyy, we spent the entire time goofing off.

photo 1

uh, I am really not too sure what this is… 

We even made friends with some other cool people (they were recruiting lifeguards) who shared our table. (Correction they stole our table.)  They were a great help, telling keen potential lightweight novice freshman that they actually needed three years of experience and had to be 6’3” to join rowing.

This also happened…….

Also, in good fashion the lights in Barnes and Nobles decided to randomly turn off.  To which the very hungry and unhappy Hannah who really wanted one of the cookies being offered commented, “The room lights up based on my attitude.”  Note: the lights came back on when I told her she could go get a cookie.

Our good friend, Melissa from Student Center Services, keep her typical orientation promise of cookies for everyone!   nom noms!!!!

photo 2

Cookie monsters strike again stealing cookies from freshman. 

We may or may not have watched non-rowing related videos on youtube instead of attracting people with our hype videos.

Oh, did I mention I was serenaded by a terribly off key ginger.

I honestly, don’t think we recruited anyone today.

*Disclaimer: No rowers were injured in the process of recruiting.*

Recruiting for the Rowing Team P.3: Unexpected Events

It’s a swell day.  We are at Barnes and Nobles just recruiting when a lovely siren goes off.  In the past it was just some random siren from the tech department.  But noooo not  today.

Please exit the building.  Smoke has been detected in the area. 

UGhhhhh, Quick grab the medals.  That’s the only important thing.

Chilling outside.  The sun is beating down on us.

Some kid rolls by on this contraption. Yes, rolls.  

photo 4.  

And of course somebody has to try it out for himself.

photo 2

photo 3 Despite secretly wishing you would fall off, thanks for entertaining us.

Recruiting for the Rowing Team p.2: Behind the Scenes

photo 2-3

Back at it again!!! 1 Week before school starts up and practices begin… arrrrghhhhh!!!!!

Recruiting in-coming freshman once again in the heat. Who shall we hit up with our prepared speeches of glory?  Of course, we stereotype people. Rowers and coxs alike. But we also welcome anyone who lingers or stares too long at our table.  Dude we see you starring…You know you want to join GT rowing. 

photo 3-2

But what really happens behind the table.

photo 1-3

The wind blows by and the poster flies away because a certain person abandoned their one job of holding the poster in place.  YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!!

There is always that one kid who eats all the popsicle that are meant for those that sign up.

Someone always throws out the idea of hitting people with the oars to attract them to our table instead of the other sports teams next to us.  (and Yes, we bash the other club sports.)

A drunk party story is bound to come up.

A very hungry rower is bound to be snacking… let’s be honest it’s actually me.

Debating about whether we should approach a certain person.

Trying to hold the oars up and someone commenting that it looks like a stripper pole. (proceeded by awk giggles and comments) 

Deliberately planning to recruit the hot guys walking by and then fan girling over the fact that they actual signed up. ( #sorrynotsorry we want a hot novice men’s team.)

And, everyone is complaining about the heat.

25 Cats Who are 100% You… Rowing Edition

1. This cat is you when you are about to stuff your face after practice.


2. This cat is you when you wake up on Sunday and realize that you don’t have practice.


3. This cat is you when you accidentally eat the entire bag of snacks in the car on the way to the boathouse.


4. This cat is you when you realize you made a terrible mistake not stretching before a sprint piece.


5. This cat is you when Coach Chase tells you to ask a varsity member to help you strap a boat when you are a varsity member.


6. This cat is you when the novice take out boats for the first time.


7. This cat is you when you finish practice.


8. This cat is you when you hear Coach Chase talking.


9. This cat is you when Coach Jay decides to kill us at practice


10. This cat is you when your parents try to take pictures of you after your race.


11. This cat is you when practice is cancelled.


12. This cat is you when you try to make a sexy face at the hot guys at regattas.


13. This cat is you when someone sides with Coach Chase.


14. This cat is you after you finish a 2k.


15. This cat is you when you hear the words “split hold.”


16. This cat is you in the middle of an hour steady state.


17. This cat is you when the 2k is moved.


18. This cat is you when you find a washer on the ground.


19. This cat is you when drunk kitty crashes.


20. This cat is you when you win your seat race.


21. This cat is you when practice is cancelled and you don’t know what to do with your free time.


22. This cat is you when you are in the middle of Gluckman and can’t remember which set of five you are on.


23. This cat is you when you learn about some new team gossip.


24. This cat is you when you are half delirious after practice.


25. This cat is you when you are eating a well deserved after practice donut. enhanced-16561-1438425199-1

*yes this was blatantly stolen from a buzz feed article*

Recruiting for the Rowing Team P.1: Conversations

Freshman Orientation.  Hi. Hello.  Can I interest you in the rowing team at Tech?  No experience necessary…..


Easy, Straightforward.  Think Twice.

Here are some fabulous quotes from the summer experience of recruiting new team members.


“What is rowing?”

“No thanks. I’m not a runner.” ( umm okay)

“I don’t have any upper body strength. Sorry”

“Do you row on water?” (no, this is a land sport.)

“I kayaked once. Does that count?”

“What is the time commitment?

          – About 3 or 4 practices a week(straight up lie)

“I’ll sign up! I’m just looking to make some friends.  I don’t really know anyone.”

“No experience!!! Awesome! Where do I sign up?”

“I’ll sign up for the free sunglasses.” 

“Can I get these medals if I join?”

“Why when I see rowing, is it always women? Is there a men’s team?”



“You can make lots of tall friends”

“Hey, you there in the green shirt!”

“-You look like ya’ll played sports in High School.

          -oh, uh. I didn’t play any sports.” ( this is suddenly awk)

” I don’t know what kind of friends you are looking for, but we are pretty cool.”

“We have lots of parties.” (let’s not say that in front of parents. We have social events.)

“It’s like Greek life but you stay in shape and travel across the country and (looks to the parents) it’s cheaper!”