Final project

Novice centers around four girls who just joined the rowing team at their school.  They are a group of social awkward girls who have no clue about college life and culture.  They don’t know how to interact with boys, or how to act at parties.  Most of the time they end up embarrassing themselves with their quirky ways to handle the problems that they run into.  While some scenes deal with rowing, the show is more about navigating college and going on this “quest” for self-discovery.


The Reflection Pool

Building off of my previous blog “Blogging About Blogging” 

As I have continued to blog throughout this semester for class, my passion for blogging continues to grow.  I know that sounds a bit emotional, but whatever.  I can’t wait to blog about an idea when I come across one or when I start daydreaming thinking.  While my life was super crazy this semester, I did find the time to experiment with my new blogger identity that I discovered last semester and build off of it outside of class assignments.  Feeling comfortable with my style, I began to play around with the visual effects of the blogs using them to enhance what I wrote about.

I liked having less blogs this semester.   For some reason, having a blog every week or almost every week added pressure to my week. Strange… I found the topics this semester to be easy to write on as well as enjoyable.  I feel like I finally understand what my professor is looking for in a blog post.

Now as the semester comes to a close and my summer study abroad approaches, I hope to retain this valuable emedia knowledge to captivate my non-exisitng followers about my European Travels.  So until next time……

Network Research


Originally known as the Fox Family Channel owned and created by the Christian Broadcasting Network Satellite Service, ABC Family recently became purchased and rebranded by Walt Disney in essentially an economic move for the corporation (Bercovici 1; Suehle 1).  The Fox Family Channel had low ratings, ranking in seventieth place (Bercovici 1).  Disney saw an opportunity that if invested in right could completely turn the channel from a dismal failure to huge success making large profits for them.  And that’s what they have done.  Shows like Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, and The Fosters have been hugely successful, even incorporating e-participtaion through social media (ABC Family 1).  Part of this success revolves around their new brand identity: “A New Kind of Family.”  But what does that entail exactly?  The Chief Creator Officer, Kate Juergens says that they wanted to represent a modern family;  Amelia Atlas independtky adds on in reference to ABCF’s new brand  “You’re only authentic if you are holding up a mirror to your audience and saying, ‘I see you.””  Basically, ABCF wants to represent the different family dynamics that viewers experience and come across in life, whether that be LGBT identities (seen in The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars), divorce (Pretty Little Liars,), mixed couples (The Fosters), teen sex (The Secret LIfe of the American Teenager).  In addition their target audience, young women and female teenagers, are more likely to be open these more liberal, “new” family ideals than  older generations (Linton 1).    




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