Shot- list of I Dream of Jeannie


In the sequence where Jeannie transforms Tony’s living room into an Arabian themed space, Jeannie’s flirtatious character, developed by the playful trills in the music that accompanies her antics and by the relaxed interactions with Tony, juxtaposes with Melissa’s conservative demeanor and dress to reinforce that a women’s submissive role in society allows for stability in the home.

Shot- list:


Week 4 Notes

Despite the fact that I signed up for a class about television, I don’t watch much especially since arriving at college.  At home I tended to watch only a couple of hours a night-if that- with my family, usually sticking with CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS,  and the occasional show on one of the newer networks (During the weekends we watched more).   Here, at college even less.  I use Netflix or a network’s online streaming to watch the episodes of a few shows (PBS Masterpiece Dramas or the occasional series)  that I follow week to week mainly because I don’t know how to work the TV in the lounge, and if I watch on my laptop I can do so in bed!  At home most watching was done on a T.V. screen and not Netflix or on line streaming unless I wanted to re-watch a series.  I usually don’t multitask while watching shows, unless you considering snacking a diversion.  I might do a suduko puzzle, change for practice, or stretch but that is rare.  I find I get lost in the action of the show or if I am doing something more complicated I’ll mess that up.  I am very much a visual watcher.  I like to watch the scenes and the actions; I feel that they add much more meaning and depth to the dialogue than just listening to the words and music.

I Love Mise en Scene

In the beginning scene of “Lucy Does a Commercial,” the Mise en scene creates the domestic mood that Lucy feels trapped in, as well as her frustration of trying to be a diligent housewife through the typical position of the wife, taking care of the family, and her dress, modest yet fashionable clothing.

Lucy is staged darning her husband’s sock in a neat and tidy living room; however, when she finishes, she realizes that she messed up yet again!  Her face appears disappointed revealing her dissatisfaction with her performance as the dutiful housewife. This dilemma sets up her desire to please her husband and to find a task that she will excel in, in order to prove to her husband that she is not a ditzy women whose place is in the home 24/7.

The clothing that Lucy wears reflects the modesty and self respect that a proper wife should demonstrate.  She is not dressed in business clothes which would hint that she is a working women.  Her husband is the one dressed in professional attire; therefore, he is the money maker in the family.  While what she is wearing is feminine, the patterned shirt and the high waistline, she wears pants.  Even in the 1950’s, women still traditionally wore dresses and skirts although pants were accepted as women’s clothes.  By dressing her in pants, she moves more freely, note she sits in an un-lady like position, challenging the women’s norms and paralleling her frustration of being stuck in the home.

A little confused???

You’d think that with Winter Break being over, I wouldn’t be able to get out the door fast enough to return back to college.

 That’s not the case.

 The excitement of starting a new adventure just wasn’t there like it was at the beginning of the school year.  There are no “Who am I going to be friends with?” “Will I see people from back home?” “Where is this building?” “How do I do I use my student I.D?”  The day to day life questions have been answered. I am just returning to certainties.  I know my friends, I know my team, I know what classes will be like, I know where to go.  College just seems boring now.  I see the terrible exams looming just four months away.  They haunt me.  I feel like every word I read, write, hear is crucial and must be studied hard and long to ace that exam.  I don’t see the journey, but I don’t quite see the finish line.  I see that last 500 meters where your legs are about to collapse, your arm can’t handle feathering the oar one more time, your throat is so dry it hurts to breathe, your lungs are on fire.  The only quality missing is the innate drive that you find deep down to push through all pain, to see yourself on top, to know that you did your best.