Dorm room


After spending an afternoon writing college admission essays, the idea of organizing my door room ideas sounded like fun. This is my real pinterest board! Still have a whole year before I go to colleger, but it’s never to early to let the juices flowing! Right??



The dreaded college application essay- my summer AP English assignment. The choices of topics are just so so so limited. In my AP English class last year the teacher told us to refrain from writing about the cliched stories:

the “Let Me tell about Myself in 500 Words or Less” essay
the “How I learned from my mistakes”essay
The life is the “big game” essay
The How the Death of a family member/pet changed me essay
The Look at Me. I can write Deep thoughts essay
The “Miss America Essay” (you know the PEACE ON EARTH response)

these ideas came from a handout given to the class by our teacher

So, what options are left to write about? Well on the reverse side of that handout was a list of fifteen ideas. None of which applied to me or interested me in the slightest. Back to ground zero.

When I finally found the prefect idea to write on, I decided to check the essay requirements on the websites of the colleges I want to attend. (I want to use my time wisely. I do not want to find out that the essay I spent several weeks on writing and revising in class does not answer the questions on the colleges’ websites. I think you can all agree with me.)

To my horror and surprise most of the essay topics were the cliched ones I was told to avoid!!!! Ahhhh! O.K. It is not that bad. At least, if my essay is thrown in the trash by the admissions offices, I know it was not because my paper was cliched. On the bright side, my topic works with one question from each college.

My next challenge is working with the word limits. One college wants 5,000 and another 200. Not even close enough. One college will receive a wonderfully explained paper and the other a condensed, butchered (hopefully not) version of the same idea. The 200 word paper will be the abridged version of the unabridged. You read the abridged version and you are completely confused because parts were cut out. Good college admissions on getting the whole picture.

Pass the Box of Tissues, Please

Today we had the most emotional speaker of the week. Photojournalist, Carol Guzy showed us two slide shows of her work. One was the pictures she took during the Haiti earthquake. The other one was a mixture of her pictures over the years: the Haitian military intervention, Kosova, 9/11, Katrina, and others.


It us officially our last day here :(. This week was AMAZING!!!!!! I can’t believe I have to leave all the friends I made here behind. The speakers were engaging and interesting covering diverse topics. The opportunity to meet with Congressmen was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We even went through the secretive underground tunnel that connects the different buildings!! The gala was so much fun. It was so so so much better than prom. Gotta figure out why it was so much more awesome. Goodbye beat experience I will always remember you.

Monumental monsoon

Our attempted moonlight tour of the National Monuments was rained out. By the second the rain is getting heavier. The gutters have become white water rafting rivers for small creatures. Trash boats are complementary. In order to stay dry and to see the monuments, we are driving through the national mall to the best of our ability. Supposedly, the rain is going to subside. I don’t think so. The only good thing that came from this is no sore feet from walking.


The Newseum was a totally awesome experience!! One floor was filled with headline making newspapers from dot one. For a history fanatic those newspapers were amazing. The sixth floor held eighty newspapers from around the world and the US. Proud to say New Zealand got on the wall. Represent! From the balcony on the sixth floor one has an amazing view of the capital (or is it Capitol) and possibly the Canadian Embassy next door???.

Exhausting day. Back on the bus; I might possibly fall asleep on the way back.


My room is freezing, but I usually like being cold. Should have brought blanket.

Today was awesome. Speaker was short and to the point.

Still brain storming names for orange group. We definitely need a WJMC Group Orange Facebook group page.