Highway 21

Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day….. Or not.  It’s been a wet few days in summer; therefore,  nothing interesting to do.  What is better than spending an otherwise wet evening at a drive in movie theater?  After about a one hour drive in the rain with seven other people: 3 freshmen boys, 3 other  upperclassmen girls, and one college girl (just imagine the conversation in the car), we arrived at the Highway 21 Drive In.  To our surprise only three other cars showed up to watch the movie.  Even though drive ins like the one we visited are making a come back, the theaters still seem to be struggling.  The only way the drive ins make money is through the concession stands; therefore, personal snacks that would make the movie more like watching a movie at a home are not allowed (we brought snacks unaware of this rule).  The movie itself is much more affordable than going to an actual movie theater. At a local theater one movie ticket can cost up to ten dollars and thats before buying munchies.  At the drive in the cost to enter was seven dollars for two movies.  This particular theater was able to provide four movies on two screens so the options were not as limited as one would think.  One screen shows kid and family movies which makes this drive in a family friendly activity that does not break the bank. It’s unfortunate to see these drive ins struggling to stay open as the result of not enough visitors because they offer an experience not had in a regular theater: the privacy in your own car to talk without being shhhed, the opportunity to turn the evening into a picnic by opening the trunk and sitting in chairs or on blankets, and the chance to pretend you are in the past.